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Fixed Income instruments are issued by Govt. and Corporates , giving Bond-holders right to receive Interest and Principal on their investment.

Why invest in Govt. and SDL Bonds?

Issued by Central / State govt, so it carries Sovereign guarantee

Semi-annual Interest payment with no TDS deduction.

No interest rate/Price risk IF held till maturity

Liquid listed papers can be traded anytime on BSE exchange.

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How to invest in Bonds through AUMLINE?

AUMLINE is your Trading platform to help you get exposure to the wide universe of listed Govt. Bonds It's as simple as buying shares in a Company.

Our awesome features
Identify Bonds on this website

For your convenience, we have listed selective GOI and SDL bonds along-with their Price and Yield. Simply find these bonds on AUMLINE by searching their BSE Code.

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Create your AUMLINE trading a/c

You need to have a Trading and Demat a/c in order to invest in Bonds. Simply create your AUMLINE trading a/c and start by searching the bonds by their BSE code.

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Enter price and buy/sell the Bond

Price and Returns on Bonds are related inversely, i.e. a higher price reduces Returns and vice versa. You may enter the price we have quoted on our website in order to execute the deal at the mentioned ROI, or enter a price at which you are comfortable.

Our awesome features
Find the Bonds in your Demat a/c!

And that's it! You have invested in a secure and higher returning bond simply like that. You will be able to see it in your Holdings within 2 days once its transferred to your Demat a/c.

Create AUMLINE a/c to start Investing!

✔️ No a/c opening charges* ✔️ Rs. 2,500 cashback as brokerage ✔️ Paperless a/c opening within 10 mins.

Bonds vs FD vs Equity

Why pick Bonds over the rest?

Most popular

Fixed Deposit
For long-term investors looking to lock-in Capital
  • Capital protection; carries Bank guarantee
  • Regular Interest payment depending on plan chosen
  • TDS deducted on Interest
  • Lock-in; pre-payment fees applicable

For risk-seeking investors looking for Higher Returns
  • Higher Returns; Capital at risk
  • Dividend payment (generally annually)
  • Tax applicable on Dividend income
  • Tradeable anytime
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