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Videos on Bonds

We regularly post explainer videos on various concepts related to Bonds. Watch the below playlist to learn more about them.

Calculate Bond yields

Download our excel template to calculate returns on your Bond investments today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Read on below to know more.

You can start with an investment as little as Rs. 1,000/- in listed Bonds.

Anyone with a Trading and Demat a/c can start investing without any paperwork. No extra documentation is required; its as simple as investing in Shares! You can open an a/c with AUMLINE to begin your Investment journey.

Bonds are NOT a risk-free instrument. Credit risk, Interest rate risk, Price risk are some of the risks associated with Bonds. However, GOI bonds are issued directly by Govt. bodies and the chances of default are relatively zero. Further, if you hold the bond till maturity, there is no Price/ Interest rate risk and you effectively lock-in the ROI at which you invest.

With AUMLINE, you can go to your Holdings tab and track your investments in Bonds. You will be able to look at your Holding qty, Purchase Price, CMP and much more.

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